Going For It

Going For It

I decided today after waiting for an eternity on something with a particular promoter to come through, that I would just move on and move up. So I’m going for it. I’m gonna get my name out there, self-promote, and make it happen. Thus far, I have had a rapid outpouring of support on Facebook from my friends and family. It has been incredibly encouraging. Now, I hope to slowly but surely expand these two groups to surrounding circles. I want to do what I love for people who love me, in hopes doing my part to spread love across the world.

So follow this link and help me go for it.



One Step Closer

Something happened today that made a major dream of mine feel one step closer. After over a month of trying to arrange band bookings through a local buyer, I finally got a most unexpected result. I think the phone call went something like this:

“Hey this is Alex, from Accidental Naturals.”

“Hey Alex, How’s it going?”

“Not too bad, Any news?”

“Have you ever played solo before?”

“Uh… [lie] A couple of times, yes. [/lie]”

“Great, can you come out to Reno’s East tomorrow night and play some songs out there around 8?”

“Uh….. Definitely!”

And that was the moment. I had nearly given up on playing music for a living. I had tried the cover band route, the Pop Rock route, the Alt-Rock route, the duo route, but had almost entirely forgotten about the solo route. Yet here I am, one day away from possibly beginning my dreams. I’m not delusional; this one show won’t catapult me on this road. But even just a local show here and there is enough for me for right now. I just want to express myself and help others experience my life and love through music and this really does feel like the right path.

So now I feel one step closer to this life. And even if this doesn’t work out, I’m certainly no further away than I was yesterday. I’ve got nothing to lose, right?


Refresh, Reflect, Relax.

There’s something about waking up early in the morning.
Not to grab coffee and run out the door to work, but just for yourself.
To be awake to hear the sun say “Good Morning.”

We may be over-tired, over-worked, and over stressed, but giving ourselves some extra time in the mornings is much more valuable than hitting snooze and catching another half an hour’s worth of shut-eye.

I don’t mean to sound grandiose here, it’s just something I noticed this morning. After being challenged all week with an increase in working hours and a decrease in free time, I did something unfathomable today: I woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday. And I showered, drank some delicious java, made a bowl of homemade hot oat and banana cereal, watched light rain hit my windows, and felt strangely… Refreshed. The way a long-awaited nap, or paying off a debt feels.

So next time you get a chance, give yourself a moment in the mornings, to refresh, reflect, or relax. Whatever you need, the morning is there for you. And all you’ve gotta do is lay off the snooze.